2 Wheel Mugs/December 2011

These wheel mugs were made on the wheel with the handles being rolled on the table. I added the handles after the cylinders had one day to dry. I used a copper head glaze on these mugs.IMG_7437.JPG

Noodle Bowl/ December 2011

I made this noodle bowl on the wheel by making a bowl, pinching down one of the sides, and cutting a hole in the handle. I glazed it with dark blue glaze and sanded the base. I carved the foot by hand because it wouldn't fit on the carver doohickie.


Drinking Glass/ November 2011

I made this drinking glass on the wheel and smoothed out the sided with my metal rib tool. I glazed it in dark blue glaze. When I lifted the glass off the wheel it misformed a little bit so I wish that I could change that.

Broken Wide Rim Bowl/December 2011

I made this wide rim bowl on the wheel. It is glazed with dark blue glaze. After the original wide rim bowl was fired, i hit the rim several times with a hammer to give it personality.IMG_6064.JPG

3 Bowl Final/December 2011-January 2012

All three bowls were made on the wheel, smoothed with a metal rib tool and glazed with an Iron Red glaze. I wish that the bowls were a little bit bigger, but they were supposed to look the same as if they were made in a set.