Ceramics 2 Wiki

Project 1

I made this bottle on the wheel using around 8 pounds of clay. After drawing up a large cylinder I collared in the neck and smoothed out the exterior with a metal rib. The glaze is a white with a small amount of Blue Ice and Charcoal Satan.

Project 2

Leach MugIMG_7589.JPG

I made the Leach Mug on the wheel and extruded the handle. The glaze is a Iron Red with a Blue Ice rim dip.

Project 3

Large Bowl
This bowl was made on the wheel using around 4 pounds of clay and has a wheel decoration on the exterior. It is glazed in Iron Red and Deep Firebrick.

Project 4

I made this chalice in two pieces on the wheel, a hollow base and a cup portion. They were connected after trimming and glazed in Copper Head and Dark Blue.

Project 5

3 Mug Final
These mugs were made on the wheel with extruded handles. I made them similar using a technique I learned from Simon Leach. The glazes on the mugs are a Deep Firebrick with a Blue Ice rim dip.